Tobermory 15 Year

Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

Tasted January 13, 2020
4.75 out of 5 stars
One of my secret gem distilleries (and one I have great hopes for now that it's out of its two-year closure for renovations), Tobermory is among my favorite non-peat bomb, non-sherry bomb single malts. It's easy to tell why: the nose is rife with complex notes of ripe strawberries, plums, rum raisins, sultanas, buttery toffee, marmalade, ginger candy, and loads of prunes. The sherry casking is obvious, but it doesn't overpower many of the essential Tobermory characteristics such as its delightful gingerbread cookie, tropical fruit, and white pepper notes. In the palate, there's dried grass, cooked nuts, tropical fruit, toffee, and a mild brine character. It's chewy and rich with a full mouthfeel. In the finish there's a white pepper heat with a very subdued pepper spice that marries with lingering notes of fruitcake, coconut cream, earthy honey, and sherry. It's savory, dries sharply, and lingers for days.