Jameson The Cooper's Croze

Blended — Ireland

2.75 out of 5 stars
Enjoyed neat from a glencairn at a local restaurant. I wasn't able to pay as much attention as I wanted, but I hadn't tried this expression before. There are a few expressions in the Jameson line that I enjoy - I like the Caskmates Stout much more than the IPA (surprising since I like hoppy IPAs), I enjoy the regular Jameson from time to time, and I have a great memory of the 18 year. But generally speaking, Jameson isn't in my rotation and I don't own any bottles. That said... This was an acceptable pour. I recall tasting honey and hay, fresh cut lumber, wet barrel wood, and a slight touch of spice. It wasn't nearly as engrossing as I'd hoped. I recall a bit of ethanol and traces of acetone on the nose, along with honey and grass, but otherwise I wasn't able to divine too much from the aroma. I also remember thinking that it tasted like a stereotypical Irish whiskey; sweet, soft and easy to drink. I don't remember thinking, even for a second, that I couldn't wait to have another. I didn't. I feel like I'm being tough on this one. Maybe my taste buds are off tonight, and because of that possiblity I'll be fair and give this another go. But I'll only commit to a pour at a restaurant. I don't need another forgetable bottle of booze in the cabinet. On my scale, a 2.5 is an acceptable, ordinary, mass market, middle of the bellcurve, bottle. Tullemore DEW is an example of 2.5 Irish whiskey for me (I drink it regularly). This might be a half step up from the Tully, but it didn't hold my attention long enough for me to find out.