A 24 yr bourbon. That is hard to come by...and maybe for a good reason. Bourbon isn’t raised in the same climate as scotch. The heat plays a huge role in imparting wood flavors into the distillate. So...yes, this is hard to come, rare and expensive...but it doesn’t necessarily mean great. It’s about 10 yrs too much in the barrel. I felt as if distillate lost its character, and the wood took over. Just too oaky. I honestly didn’t get much else besides a huge oak influence. Okay, so—if you want to experience a bourbon over two decades old, and can’t afford the Pappy 21 or 23, or even the Diageo lost barrel series, sure....this will fill that void in putting a check mark. Otherwise save yourself $300 ( or in my case $15 for the 3cl pour), and go buy a great bottle for half the price and age.
15.0 USD per Pour