Braeval 1994 22 Year Old (Samaroli)

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
Still working samples that have been accumulated. Since I only drink on weekends (workdays I do not imbibe), I have accumulated a large backlog. So I find myself on this Saturday contently alone finishing the last few episodes of Mandolorian. As I watch and take notes, the pour is sitting in a glass opening. Pale gold in color. The initial aromas are soft, floral and delicate. Slightly woody with hints of ginger root. As time is given, sweeter notes begin to surface. Vanilla cream soda, toasted marshmallow, banana custard. There is a fruity side as well. Apples, apricots and diced pear cocktail (think Dole pears in the syrup). There is a slight briny, yeasty quality that works its way into the mix. The nose is busy, but organized. There is order to it. The body is thin and is counter to what you would expect given the body nose. However, the palate is flavorful. Orchard fruits again of apples, pears and apricots. Honey and vanilla adds slightly to the sweetness. As the sweet and fruity flavors work their way back, a small amount of spice tingles the the front of the palate. Cinnamon, ginger root and white pepper. These spices are not distracting from the sweetness; they actually support them. The finish has tangerine throughout the medium finish. Mixed in the tangerine flavor is an oaky dryness with the themed orchard fruits. This is approachable and a pleasurable whisky. A solid nose and flavors that are inoffensive. This scotch will not disappoint. However, given the price of about $250, I would want more front the palate and finish. This all said, it is a quality product and will not disappoint. Thank you @LeeEvolved for sharing this with the me and the rest of the SDT members. [90/100][Tasted: 2/1/20]
  • Ctrexman

    Sounds like an overpriced albiet very good Oban little bay

  • Scott_E

    @Soba45 I may have to take on that philosophy/strategy sooner than later.

  • Soba45

    Great review. I believe your problem is only drinking in the weekend... I'd drink every weekday and take the weekend off a) Get through your samples 150% faster b) Always look forward to Mondays c) Generally enjoy your working week more 😁