Bimber The First Single Malt

Single Malt — England

4.5 out of 5 stars
Wow...for a 3 yr old newbie, these guys hit it out of the park. This is a new English distillery, and unlike their brethren up north of the Hadrian Wall, they are not owned by major corporations with legions of marketers and accountants. These guys, and I’ll throw Cotswold and Lakes in there as well, are smaller, without sexy backstories, or laurels to rest on. Which means they need to have the liquid speak for itself. Quality is front and center. Case and point: Bimber doesn’t mill their grain. They crush it, which preserves the husks. Harder...but more flavorful. The grain is from one farm only. Fermentation is long...7 days. I could go on...but you get the point. I’ve made it a recent point to go through my bucket load of samples before opening new bottles...and that brings me to this sample I bought from TWE. So, on to the tasting: Normally, I don’t comment on color. But considering this is no-coloring added, and only 3 years old, it has a remarkable mahogany color. Like a bourbon. The nose isn’t as much a sherry bomb as I would’ve imagined. It’s lighter. Apricot and peaches. Taste: this is where it shines. Thick and oily. Coffee, espresso, hazelnuts. The PX comes through with a sweetness. For those of you who scored one of the 1000 bottles at the retail $120...lucky you. Open it and share it. For those that didn’t get it, if you’re ordering from TWE, they still have 3cl samples. Trying something new this year—- So: this marks the end of one month. For January—I’ve had: Bimber First Barrell Batch 19 That Boutiquey Bourbon 24yr old Barrell private selection rum J553 Lusty Claw bourbon Virginia Distillery rum cask Lagavulin Offerman 11yr old Port Dundas 28 yr old JW Ghost and Rare Brora Benriach Albariza 20yr HW Midwinter 7 Best of the month: JW Rare / Ghost Brora Worst: Lusty Claw bourbon Best VFM: Lagavulin Offerman (at $60 here in NJ )
10.0 USD per Pour
  • PBMichiganWolverine

    @Soba45 i think the new English ones are really hitting the mark. This, Cotswold, and Lakes are the three that really have done well

  • Soba45

    Ah nice, never heard of these guys. Nice to see the smaller craft ones pumping outgreat stuff