Parker's Heritage Barrel Finished in Orange Curaçao Barrels

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
$24 for 1.5 ounces at Daikaya Ramen This was a great dessert after a bowl of tonkotsu ramen. The orange flavors made this a very unique experience for me, and one I want to go back to. At 7-8 years of age, this had the perfect amount of wood influence - a spicy vanilla and just a touch of dark chocolate bitterness. There is a fair amount of rye spices as well, as the mashbill is 10% rye. The orange curacao barrels infuses just the right amount of clementines and candied oranges. It really provides a needed extra-dimensional jaunt of fruitiness, as I find most traditional bourbons to have a one-dimensional and repetitive fruity profile. The orange liqueur finish, for me, does not take over, and this does not feel at any point like a cocktail or flavored whisky. I know I am still drinking bourbon. If you are a bourbon purist, you will disagree, and find this whisky overpriced even at MSRP. Not that it matters because if you find this bottle, it probably won’t be at MSRP. Unfortunately, Parker’s Heritage is one of those “highly allocated” bourbon releases that is unavailable in bottle form to someone like me, who simply does not care enough to chase bottles. Score: * (unforgettably good) How much does a bottle cost: $90-100 at retail. $250-500 on secondary. How much do I think a bottle is worth: $150
24.0 USD per Pour