Benromach 15 Year

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
The statement on the bottle couldn't be more true. This is a true classic Speyside in every sense of the words and after trying the imperial proof which is also great for a 10 year old malt, I was compelled to try this and my god what a solid malt. Color: Rich caramel brown that took in lots of the wood and is just mesmerizing. On the nose: Hints of toffee with slight coffee bean undertones while a series of caramel aromas begin to reveal themselves after a few good sniffs with air and straight in the glass. Down the hatch: This is where the magic of this malt begins to show it self. The taste is pure speyside and harkens to other popular counterparts like the Macallan and Balvenie of similar age rages. The oak here is strong, but the flavor is layered and lasts a while with a touch of sweet vanilla while the finish is silky smooth. Verdict: If you see it, get it. It would be hard to find a Speyside of this age range under $100 USD that punches in the same taste class as both Balvenie and Macallan. Such a job well done and not shocked since it is under the care of Gordon and Macphail after all.
75.0 USD per Bottle