Arran 14 Year

Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
Bottled in 2017. Arran needs to be highlighted as a distillery that is currently improving. I still have a bottle of Arran 10 from 2013, and it is pretty bad. So, even as recently as 7-8 years ago, this distillery was putting out bad whisky. Now, they are releasing modern masterpieces. The new 10, 14, and 18 year olds I have tried, and they are all great; but it is the 14 that is spellbinding. Precision and complexity. That’s difficult to pull off, but this whisky does that with a delicate balance of cream and green. Vanilla custard. Green apples and citrus with powdered sugar. Kiwi and cucumber with caramel. A welcomed sharp kick of ginger and sage on the finish with the soft oakiness reminiscent of a much more expensive Japanese whisky. When sipping on this dram, it feels like a creation with real intention, like it was authored. When buying, be sure to get the modern appearing bottles. Unlike with most other distilleries, you want to avoid any dusty old-fashioned bottles. Score: ** (unimaginably good) How much does a bottle cost: $70-100 How much do I think a bottle is worth: $150
80.0 USD per Bottle
  • cascode

    @Slainte-Mhath Yes, the 14 yo has been discontinued and the 10 yo and 18 yo have been reformulated. The Bothy has also been discontinued and some new NAS expressions have been introduced. It’s largely a rebranding to anticipate Lagg coming online, but I suspect there is also a lack of aged spirit available.

  • Slainte-Mhath

    @ScotchingHard I think they have discontinued this expression, which is a pity. I really liked it, but they are still in the process of building their core range, I think.

  • Rick_M

    Arran’s new peated whisky distillery in Lagg is now operational. They are selling casks for anyone that has the patience to wait 10 years for their whisky.

  • dubz480

    Great review and I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this malt! Cheers!