Glen Scotia Victoriana

Single Malt — Campbeltown, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
Nose: not aggressive whatsoever for a cask strength. Initially honey clusters and light cream appear. Light citrus rind, grapefruit perhaps, and floral notes follow with a rich pudding chomeur aroma of toffee and syrup. An inherent smoke lingers throughout with scents from the oak cask. Addition of water introduces subtle strawberry and raspberry notes. Palate: The cask strength appears more prominently on the taste, but it subsides with immediate sweetness. Strong notes of vanilla and banana pudding with an oily texture. Brininess sets in with the ever-lingering smoke from the charred oak cask. Caramel is found from beginning to end with brief, light floral notes. Finish: Salty and smoky finish, the sweetness almost completely subsides offering a medium and dry finish.