Tomintoul Speyside Glenlivet 14 Year

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

Tasted April 2, 2020
2.25 out of 5 stars
The nose points to some peat, but there's none on the palate. There is a muddled, chemical-like character befitting a Campbeltown. The finish wraps things up into an "average" scotch profile. However, it is smooth for a 46% ABV. This higher than average ABV also leaves a greater impression than the bottle merits. The palate opens up with subsequent sips, turning into something like a regular bourbon cask scotch - with the muddle hitting at the mid-palate. This is somewhere between a Campbeltown and Highland flavor profile, with unimpressive results. My Rating Glossary: Two Stars: "I'd rather be drinking lite beer." Two 1/2 Stars: "Posh rubbish." Three Stars: "I love whisk(e)y. This is average love." Three 1/2 Stars: "May buy again." Four Stars: "I've got to get you into my life." Four 1/2 Stars: "Better than drugs." Five Stars: "Life is good. Whisky makes it better."