Paul John Nirvana Single Malt

Single Malt — India

3.0 out of 5 stars
Pretty tasty for a minimum proof whisky, with distinct milk chocolate and malt flavors. I hope this makes its way to bars (remember them?) as it would be a good value pour.
  • Richard-ModernDrinking

    @jonwilkinson7309 And now Jack Rose has sold all its whisky in an orgy of bargain basement take out!

  • jonwilkinson7309

    Funny you say that - it seems like an eternity since I've been to a whiskey bar even though it's only been about two months. I was supposed to be in DC this week, which would have involved a trip to Jack Rose's. Of course, in the light of everything going on, tñmy loss of a few great drams is a non-issue.