The Glenlivet Code

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.25 out of 5 stars
Beautiful story, beautiful bottle, delicious Whisky. The Glenlivet code is a tribute to Alan Turing who cracked the Nazi code in world war ii, and there is this great movie about it. It is not only a whisky, it is a game. You are supposed to guess the tasting notes, and then you have to go online using the Shazaam App to put the aroma and tasting notes and they give you your score. Its actually super fun, specially with a group of friends and it is also very challenging, and that makes you drink a lot more than one dram. (And the bottle is heavy and black, so you actually dont know hoe much you have drank). Bottled at 48%abv, tawny color. Ok, lets do this. FOR ME this was all about, Cinnamon, Red Apples and Vanilla Cookies on the nose. Actually pretty powerful aroma for a glenlivet. On the palate it was very fruity, Oranges, plums, cherries, and super powerful spicyness, full of Ginger. When me and my friends put all this (it was more than less a consensus) we got the first time 17%, the second 30% and the third time 38%. ALL THE NOTES ARE POSIBILITIES IN THE APP, SO WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT THE AROMA AND TASTING NOTES BUT, there is a very difficult part of the game and that is the INTENSITY of the notes. You can pick over mild, medium or intense and that is where we have failed (at least we think so). The game is great, the experience is great, the whisky is great. I truly recommend it, for me it was a solid 87 over 100, but the whole experience deserved a 100. Slainte!