Cadenhead’s Classic Rum

Aged Rum — Multiple Countries

5.0 out of 5 stars
Figs and prunes out of the bottle. Dry wood. Very dry nose in the glass. The beach: mineraly, sea shells, faint smell of dried fish even, way in the background. Borderline but not actually salty: you kind of expect it to be salty but it's not. Really a fairly dry nose, like certain dry Armagnacs. Wonderfully green, grassy, herbal. Starts sweetening up with time, brown sugar. Not-overly-sweetened caramel. Hint of white pepper. Beaches again, boat and fishing beaches, not bathing/sunbathing ones. Sand, if sand has a smell. Boats in dry dock. Ginger root. Dry nutmeg. ~ Enchanting, truly. I can almost hear the seagulls circling overhead. ~ ! A splash of water brings out that sugar cane, that molasses, and takes the dryness down a bit. Sweeter, richer in the mouth. Cola cubes. Coca Cola. Slightest hint of some Asiatic cooking spices. Initial neck pour impressions. - " For what it is ", a 5 out of 5! Solid, natural, no nonsense RUM. YES!