Ledaig 18 Year

Peated Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

4.25 out of 5 stars
SHERRY before peat, and it's a spicy rather than fruity or sweet kind of sherry. Soft light marzipan/ almonds. Dry walnut shells, dusty malt, dusty bourbon note. Leather. chamomile, dry peppermint / mint, cooling eucalyptus. Oak nuts, oak forest. Pine resin. Orange peels, dates, peach, apricot, lemon peels. Lemon grass. Soft minerality. Chestnuts. Ginger, nutmeg. Floral: daisies, cherry blossoms, lilies, rose petals. East Asian type cooking spices. SAFFRON. cloud berries, rhubarb and gooseberries. Fresh cut grass note. Hay. Nectarines, dried. Anise. Carrots, fresh out of the ground. HORSE RADISH. Cocoa powder. Touch of banana peels. Smoked herring. Black pepper. Pepper steak, also bell peppers. Ferns, green shrubs, the pungent scents of early summer burgeoning verdure. Garlic bread sticks. Red and dry black licorice. Balsamic vinegar spices. Cola cubes. Mixed barbecue spices. Hint of cardamon. White pepper. Curry rice. With air and a drop of water, vanilla, white grapes. - slight rancio. Aromatic sort of leather shoe store note, that soft elegant leather note you find in an Ardbeg 10, strong at first but it quickly tones itself down: New car smell. Peat and sherry equalize and balance each other out after some time. Smoked meat peatiness as the bottle gets air. Smoked bacon. Not fishy or particularly tarry; only mildly coastal. ( EDit: Gets more sea-spray-y and seafood-y after a few months: fish sashimi, shrimp on the barbie. Fudge-y chocolate also more prominent. ) - A noticeable but not overwhelming presence of sulfur, which some people have issues with. And it must be said, there's quite an in-your-face wet cardboard note. A drop of water and especially aeration mitigates this: with enough air a distinct tiger balm note half takes over, then also barbecue spice, salt & pepper potato chips. It will, with a bit of patience, turn into a properly gratifying experience. Take it slow.