Bumbu Rum

Spiced Rum — Barbados

4.5 out of 5 stars
If you like spiced rum or bananas, this is perfection distilled. The nose is nothing but banana. Banana pudding, banana foster, banana taffy... it's all there. The palette is even sweeter than the nose if you can believe it. Wonderfully rich vanilla caramel banana cotton candy! If Willy Wonka were to get into the distillery business, this is what he would make. There is absolutely no alcohol burn, so I wouldn't dream of mixing this. Since there is no alcohol burn, there is no finish in my opinion - it's just a continuation of the tasting. Honestly, I could drink this all damned night it is so delicious. It's not spiced like a Captain Morgan or Kraken, so you cannot go into expecting that. This stuff is liquid gold though.
35.0 USD per Bottle