Spey Fumare Whisky

Peated Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
I never felt attracted to buy or taste a whisky from the Spey distillery, and i got to be sincere about it. The only reason i got a full bottle of this dram was because i often watch a youtube show called "Scotch 4 Dummies" that features 4 whisky enthusiasts that i respect. In their final episode of 2019, they all agreed that one of the best whiakies they had that year was this Spey Fumare. It caught my attention, and it wasn't easy to find, but i managed to do so. It was actually a wonderful dram, that maybe lacks a little complexity but definitively hit the right notes. Bottled at 46%abv, pale straw color. Peaty and Smokey, "Fumare" in latin means "to smoke". As soon as you uncork it, you get this perfumed peat with pineapple. Pineapple is actually the best note to describe this dram, because that note is all over the place. Grapefruit, pineapple, perfumed peat. Very floral, feels tropical. White wine, coconut, cloth softener, cleaning products, soap... those crazy notes that you can only find in peaty whiskies. You get the idea. Sweet, fruity and spicy on the palate. First 3 seconds of it will develop this sugary syrup; heart of the pineapple (that is how it feels, like eating the heart of the pineapple that cuts your tongue due to its powerful flavor). A second sip revealed raw rice, and wet biscuits. Then... the wonderful aftertaste. Amazing, perfect finish. After it passes through your throat, it comes back with this magical puff of smoke, so pleasant, incredibly well crafted. Fancy smoke, agave, and pepper. Overall this is a beautiful, fancy dram, that opened my eyes to this distillery and i loved it. I don't usually drink peaty speysiders since i have this phrase that says: "if you want peat, you pick Islay, not speyside", but i have been proven wrong on that statement so many times. Amazing whisky, fully recommended. 93 over 100.