Hazelburn 12 Year

Single Malt — Campbeltown, Scotland

Tasted July 8, 2020
3.25 out of 5 stars
Quite a pricey bottle here in the states. Paid $100+. Color: gold Nose: citrus, lemon zest, honey, traces of smoke, light and funky. Palate: sweet malt, light fruitiness, but quickly overwhelmed by the oak bitterness, it’s quite tannic and woody, hint of smoke, together with the heat from the alcohol made it quite unpleasant. Finish: medium length, bitter oak and tannic taste lingers in your mouth This is just too much wood, the casks were probably refilled many times and were certainly at its last legs. Quite disappointing dram from my favorite distillery Springbank. If they used quality cask this could’ve been a great bottle.