Dewar's White Label

Blended — Scotland

2.75 out of 5 stars
Nose: Honey. Apples. Some cinnamon. Ethanol. Faint hints of chocolate coming through. Palate: A little smoky. Honey and vanilla competing. Slight bit more chocolate towards the end as well. The smallest hint of grassiness as well. Finish: Medium-Long. Warm and sweet with some grain and grass. Overall Thoughts: To be honest, I consider this to be more of a Scotch staple than Johnnie Walker. It’s tasty and it’s simple. Never a bad choice when it comes to a blend. Dewar’s was one of the first Scotch whiskies I ever tasted when I was a teenager and when I was trying whatever I could get my hands on. It’s a hearty dram that’s not bad but not groundbreaking. Gets the job done for sure! Always good to have a little bottle in the back cabinet, imo.