Dewar's 12 Year The Ancestor

Blended — Scotland

3.0 out of 5 stars
Nose: Fruity, mostly apples, cherries, and grapes. Some plums. Malt is very present as well. Some honey. Faint hint of chocolate. Palate: Malt coming through fastest. Smoke peeking through. Cherries stronger here blending with a little bit more vanilla. Chocolate rounding it out. Finish: Brief. Smoky and malty. Very simple finish. Overall Thoughts: A step up from the regular Dewar’s blend, but a blend all the same. Tasty and hearty but doesn’t send me over the moon. Fruitiness on the nose was complex and interesting but the palate falls a bit short. Definitely would be happy to try again after I get a little more palate experience!