West Cork Glengarriff Peat Charred Cask Whiskey

Single Malt — Ireland

4.5 out of 5 stars
Nose: Green apples. Hard candies. Waves of peat smoke, not too heavy though. Caramel. A little pepper. Some malt. A beautiful nose! Palate: Smokier than the nose. Fruitiness more complex, citrus coming through alongside the apple. More hints of pepper. Subtle sweetness of honey and taffy. All rounding out with malt. Finish: Medium-long. Very warm. Smoke and apple lingering. Overall Score: 91. This is delightful. I had been sold on West Cork from the first time I tried their Black Reserve but this has just raised the bar immensely for them. This is an absolutely delicious whiskey. I read some comments that made me a little weary but I certainly was not expecting a heavy peat nose and palate like a Laphroaig. So I wasn’t let down in any way. This is easily my new favorite of the West Cork selections.