Elijah Craig Single Barrel Select

Bourbon — USA

3.25 out of 5 stars
Blind tasting - 1.0 oz neat in a Glencairn Elijah Craig Single Barrel Select (NAS) bottled in 2019 for Orange Count ABC (47%, open 6 months, $29.95 in NC) Henry McKenna 10Y Single Barrel Bottled-in-Bond Barrel No. 7279, Barreled on 05-29-09 (50%, open 8 months, $39.95 in NC) Nose: A - Rich cinnamon and caramel, vanilla cream, medium oak, rye, and ethanol, light brown sugar and toffee, light dark fruits 8.5/10 B - Honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, chalky dried fruits and corn dust, light oak and peanut, very light ethanol and rye 7.5/10 Palate: A - Surprisingly muted on the tongue because I was expecting more with the nose, light caramel and vanilla, light corn dust, light oak and spice 6.5/10 B - Stronger oak and ethanol, spicy, light caramel sweetness, dry cereal with no added sugar, could use more fruit and sugar for balance 6.5/10 Finish: A - Oak and tannins pop, rye and baking spices, light vanilla, medium-short finish 6.5/10 B - Dry and tannic, oak lingers, corn dust and cereal, medium finish 6/10 Drinkability: A - 7/10 B - 6.5/10 Total Score: A = 28.5/40 B = 26.5/40 A = Henry McKenna 10Y Single Barrel Bottled-in-Bond B = Elijah Craig Single Barrel Select This one surprised me a little because I purchased multiple bottles of the Elijah Craig because I loved it and it was a great value at $30 or $27 during sales in 2019. I immediately disliked the Henry McKenna when I bought it in December 2019, it was too astringent and artificial chemical on the nose and taste, but I think it has greatly improved after being a few months open. Both of these were much better on the nose than on the palate, particularly the Henry McKenna which smelled wonderful. It was a letdown on the tongue, while the Elijah Craig had a bolder flavor but was a little too dry and tannic. Both are great values though. I use my score out of 40 for my Distiller rating. By themselves I'd probably rate them closer to 3.75-4.
29.95 USD per Bottle
  • Bourbon_Obsessed_Lexington

    The tannic nature of EC is what makes it special to me. With so many sweet bourbons out there EC is a nice escape sometimes. I wish it had some of the dried dark fruit notes that good bottles of Noah's Mill has but for $30 I'll keep my mouth shut except to drink.