Balcones FR. OAK Texas Single Malt

American Single Malt — Texas, USA

2.5 out of 5 stars
Dark as heck Nose - well hello sweet oaky goodness. Where have you been? The nose is like some really dark wooden table. Then a jammy note and some possible cherries and berry note. Tobacco, leather, all those older whisky notes. Taste - The flavor is much the same, only turned up to 11. This is shockingly drying, super oaky, and yet couldn't be a more enjoyable oak flavor. I get some of the transitional balcones single malt elements. Cinnamon, kinda funky and burned malt. A bit more sweetness with a drop of water. I get some almost maple like notes and oddly not a lot of bite from the french oak that I'd expect, just a more full and intense oak. Or is there so much french oak spice that I can't separate it from just drying alcohol? If you want a white oak element with the balcones malt, you really can't go wrong with this. once again thanks to matt for the sample. I hate reviewing off just a sample and this might be the one I most hate reviewing from a sample as I would really like to spend a week with this. It's got real potential to move into my higher scores but for now 2.50, firmly above average but I set the bar awfully high on a 3.0. That said I think this one has all the makings of a 3.0 and could be there if it were a bit less drying.
  • ContemplativeFox

    I see you're trying all of the Balcones. Thanks for leaving such detailed notes!