Talisker Distiller's Edition

Peated Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
Split purchase with a friend, open 1 month. Distilled in 2009, bottled in 2019. I've only had Talisker 10 once at a bar and really enjoyed it. Recently it went up $12 in price, making it $72 overall. I thought it might be nice to try this since it was only $3 more and is a yearly release. A nice hit of peat smoke up front. Medium-light smoke weaker than Ardbeg or Laphroaig, but more potent than the Highland Parks and Johnnie Walkers I've tried. The peat has a nice brine to it, probably my favorite smell in Scotch. Bright red fruits, a mixture of berries, cherries, and apples or apricots. Light notes of honey. Wonderful briny peat on the tongue. It is bright and fruity, very dissimilar from the campfire and bbq smoke of Ardbeg/Laphroaig. Honey, citrus, and stewed dark fruits. Brine, pepper, and smoke are the dominant notes on the finish, while the fruits and honey notes fade in the background. I freaking love this whiskey, it wonderfully combines ocean air with peat. The Amoroso influence is just right, adding some fruit and sugary elements while letting the original whiskey shine through. Highly recommend picking this up, especially if it's similarly priced to the 10Y.
74.95 USD per Bottle
  • ContemplativeFox

    It's kind of funny that the 10 has been going up more than this has

  • Zachary-Robbins

    @jonwilkinson7309 Yeah the Talisker 10 was $60 until recently, and went up $12 a few months ago. Strangely the Distiller's Edition did not change at all. The same happened with Laphroaig 10 and Quarter Cask. They increased from $55 and $60 to $68 and $75, respectively. However the Triplewood and 10Y Cask Strength both stayed at $75. It makes little sense, but it definitely helps narrow down my upcoming Laphroaig purchases.

  • jonwilkinson7309

    I love this one as well, and you make a very good point - the spread between the 10 and the Distillers use to be as much as $30.