Octomore 07.1/208 Scottish Barley

Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
EXPLORATION: (Purple Prose Warning) At first intense, but ultimately rewarding. Smoke and wood on the nose, but it doesn’t bludgeon you. It’s the smell of burning logs on a breezy summer day, and a campfire beneath the stars. There’s something very rich, almost wine-like in there. It’s warming...and it beckons. Diving in, you’re met with dark fruit and a strong peat that never overwhelms. It invites you to kick off your traveling shoes and stay a while. There’s a cozy chair next to the fireplace and your favorite book is on the mantle. Contemplate life. Enjoy yourself. The finish lingers long after the event. The purple prose is admittedly a bit much, but this was really good and warrants further exploration. If only it weren’t so rare...makes one wonder what else is out there. Giving it 4.5 stars to leave room for some god dram that I don’t know exists yet. EXHORTATION: Seek, dear Seeker. I'd commend you to buy it, but it is rare and expensive. A dram might have to do.