Rowan's Creek

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

3.75 out of 5 stars
Purchased in SC, open 3.75 months Nose - Pungent, musty peanut butter funk, grapes, aged chardonnay, cheap cocktail cherries, menthol, corn dust, and powdered sugar. There's a lot going on with this nose, it's one of the most unusual bourbon noses I've had. My first impression was this is a finishing bourbon because they re-use wine bottles and it smells like they forgot to wash out the wine before bottling. Palate - Corn mixed with cherries, grapes, and peanuts. Minimal oak and ethanol influence initially. Finishes with a stronger oak and spice profile, some hints of cinnamon and brown sugar from the rye. I still can't decide if I love this bourbon or not, but it is certainly unique compared to the typical bourbon profiles I'm used to. It's sat on my shelf for a while because the first thing I gravitate towards is the more classic oak and caramel flavors. But every time I sip this, it is enjoyable. I also bought Noah's Mill on my trip to SC, and I definitely prefer this. With the unique flavor profile, price, and proof, this is a solid buy if you find it.
40.99 USD per Bottle