1792 Full Proof Straight Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.5 out of 5 stars
Open 1.5 months Nose - Banana bread, dark oak, baking spices, crème brulee, honey and brown sugar, lighter than expected ethanol burn Palate - Banana and stewed berries, crème brulee, cinnamon oak, light ethanol. Finishes with big burnt brown sugar, baking spices and oak, the ethanol finally comes out to play while the banana disappears. Medium-to-long finish, but it isn't drying or overly tannic. It is eminently sippable for 125 proof. This has been my white whale of bourbon hunting in the last 2 years, and suddenly I started to see it at multiple ABC stores in my area. I picked up 2 bottles at 2 different locations, every store limited to 1 per person. It is worth every penny in my opinion. When I first cracked it, the neck pour resembled Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. After it opened up, it is now closer to Old Forester 1920 with the banana notes emerging. The marriage of those two excellent high proof bourbons is the best way to describe this. As a bonus, this is $45 in NC and those two are $60. It is one of the best high proof, high value bourbons I've had.
44.95 USD per Bottle
  • Bourbon_Obsessed_Lexington

    I’m afraid this is so stupidly easy to drink that it could become the next Weller 12 when people start realizing how little flavor Weller 12 actually has... by which I mean 1792 is garbage and don’t buy it... please, or at least share it and don’t post a selfie with 20 bottles of it in your basement

  • ContemplativeFox

    @WhiskeyLonghorn @bigwhitemike I haven't tried the SB, but I have tried the SiB and it is good (IMHO), but it is far from the Full Proof. Considering the prices, I have other bourbons that I consider to be better values (WT RB & JD BP for the Full Proof; RR 10 & ER 10 for the SiB), but I would consider both the SiB and Full Proof to be good VFM, which I think is a solid statement to their qualities considering that I'm usually not a fan of wheaters or banana flavor. I've heard a lot of dislike for the SB though, so I think @Zachary-Robbins has probably nailed it: the SiB and Full Proof are solid buys at MSRP and the SB is not worth purchasing.

  • ContemplativeFox

    @Zachary-Robbins Thanks for also including the SB & SiB comparison!

  • Zachary-Robbins

    @bigwhitemike Exactly my thoughts, I think the Small Batch is super hot for the proof and is not ever worth another purchase.

  • Zachary-Robbins

    @WhiskeyLonghorn The 1792 line in summation is my white whale due to their price and wide distribution in other states. I think the Small Batch is one of the worst of the perceived high end cheap bottles around $30. The single barrel is really good but really different from 1792 SB and other bottles around $40. My brother is passing through Kentucky soon and I hope he can pick up the BiB and 12Y.

  • bigwhitemike

    @WhiskeyLonghorn My experiences with 1792 Small Batch are not even remotely as pleasant as the full proof. I find the SmB a bit sharp and harsh and I wouldn't purchase at retail. My closest comp for the full proof is Knob Creek Single Barrel - both are sweet, strong, cohesive and dangerously sippable without dilution, and the primary knock is that they aren't overly complex; just have a profile and knock it out of the park. I prefer both OF1920 and ECBP for a bit more dimension, but both are definitively more expensive. 1792FP is a great VFM barrel strength sipper.

  • WhiskeyLonghorn

    Sounds great. How does it stack up to the rest of the 1792 line? All I can find is the small batch...