Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake

Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
This is my first real drink after about a month long alcohol fast(due to a prolonged course of multiple antibiotics after an unexpected health emergency). By all means, this is certainly an interesting spirit to return to the whiskey world after what has been an unpleasantly interesting period of my life. First and foremost, this is Glenmorangie- it smells like Glenmorangie, it tastes like Glenmorangie - it's got the pleasant malt flavors, honey and grass, a little bit of citrus on the nose. It has a grassy and earthy nose, in some ways similar to a sherry, but not funky like sherry frequently gets. The taste is classic Glenmorangie, but it doesn't overwhelm the core spirit. It has more honey, more herbal flavors, grape, but it has a lemony/tart finish. I also found an earthy character similar to wet gravel. The finish is quite long for a Glenmorangie. When I started the glass, I didn't really get anything reminiscent of cake, but as I've gone along, those flavors are starting to pop out. It does remind me a bit of yellow cake with vanilla frosting, or maybe lemon pound cake. I've had many varieties of Glenmorangie, 10, 18, Signet, Sherry, Port, Sauternes, Milsean, and Cadboll. I'm enjoying this, but I'd put it in the middle. The Signet is sublime, but I think I'd stick with the cheaper Port or Sauternes or shell out a few more dollars to go for the 18. Still, it's a worthy entry into the catalog, particularly for one predisposed to enjoy Glenmorangie - something that I am guilty as charged. This weekend, I'm going to see if I can pair it with some pound cake, to see how it fairs. Dr. Bill might just be an insane genius - this might just be cake in a glass.