Compass Box Hedonism Felicitas

Blended Grain — Scotland

Tasted November 6, 2020
2.0 out of 5 stars
So been working on this for a bit, I'll do my best. nose - Traditional grain notes with a lot of vanilla, grain, grape, and a hint of dark fruit. Some richer creams and alcohol. Taste - Again grain, classic grain scotch. There's a lot of creamy buttery vanilla desserts. Pastry crust for sure. Then we have some metallic notes on the finish. Gosh the up front is so soft and sweet. The finish brings in some chocolates and chewy nugget notes. Clean and light white chocolate here. So yeah this is reasonable old for scotch but for grain blends it's ok. A huge step up from the standard but I'm still just at a 2.0. I won't consider buying again. I like it enough, but it's pretty average overall and the price sucks. I can see why some are bigger fans and if you like grain go for it. I like "The Muse" WAY WAY more, it's far richer and better made. I scored that a 3.0 which might be low but this isn't close.
  • dhsilv2
    November 7, 2020

    @ContemplativeFox you can see my review o the regular...hard pass for me. This is nice whisky and a good example of quality grain whisky. I could use a bit more finishing and cask influence as I somewhat want the natural grain spirit subdued a bit more. But yeah, once this bottle gets put on the shelf with the other compassbox bottles, I doubt i grab it anytime soon to drink more of it.

  • ContemplativeFox
    November 7, 2020

    I didn't really like the regular Hedonism, so I didn't have much hope for this. Thanks for trying it out.