Bols Genever

Genever — Netherlands

Tasted December 2, 2020
I'd never tried genever before, so I wanted to try this. It was much more challenging than I'd expected. The smell and flavor strongly remind me of grappa, with some rhum agricole characteristics as well. I get musty juniper and a hint of apricot. It's actually quite complex and interesting to contemplate. I'm not sure how much I actually like the flavor though. But considering that I don't like grappa, this is perhaps a big success. Considering how interesting it is and contrasting that with its similarity to grappa, I give it a tentative thumbs up. Real tasting to come when I have a better chance to taste an analyze it.
  • ctbeck11
    December 3, 2020

    Looking forward to the full review. From someone who really doesn’t like the traditional gin flavor profile, I wonder if genever would appeal more to me.