Nikka Days

Peated Blend — Japan

3.5 out of 5 stars
Nose: pear, sweet apple, vanilla, citrus zest. Bit of rich wood varnish as it opens (in a good way). Biscuit part of a cheesecake, whatever that’s made out of. Palate: malty/grainy, salted nuts, bit of smoke, some suntan lotion sweetness. Quite thin becoming fuller as it opens, but has some interesting burnt leaf notes, burnt vanilla. Creme brûlée I guess. Not too fruity to me, more barley sugar. Finish: doesn’t stick around for too long, but has some maltiness to it. More of the charred notes linger as time goes on. Overall: not nearly as underwhelming as I expected it to be! I actually quite like this! Nice wisps of smoke and salty notes that I wasn’t expecting.