Distiller’s Friday Roundup – May 3rd, 2019

May 3, 2019

As May kicks into gear we’re bringing you news of some interesting brand initiatives as well as some exciting new releases. First, Scottish whisky distillery Ncn’ean has created an internship exclusively for women. Then, Maker’s Mark is partnering with United By Blue to remove trash from oceans and waterways. Also, Bardstown Bourbon Company has released the latest product under its own brand, dubbed Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1. Additionally, if you’re more in the mood to spend thousands of dollars on rare releases, we’ve got some news about a few of those as well. Let’s hop right in.

Ncn’ean Distillery Creates Whisky’d Away Internships For Women

In an effort to break down gender stereotypes in the whisky industry, Highlands Ncn’ean Distillery created the Whisky’d Away Internships. They offer two women the chance to explore whisky production, including mashing, distilling and maturation, as well as cocktail creation during a week-long internship in July.

Ncn’ean Distillery Founder and CEO Annabel Thomas

Entrants must be women over the age of 18-years-old, and available to travel to Scotland from July 14-20, 2019. Travel, accommodations and food will be covered.

“The internship will be a chance for two women to experience all aspects of the small operation and invite them to understand what working in a distillery really involves,” says Distillery Founder and CEO Annabel Thomas.

Interested parties can apply at ncnean.com/internship.

United By Blue And Maker’s Mark Team Up To Clean The World’s Waterways

As part of a yearly Cocktails For Cleanups campaign, Maker’s Mark has partnered with outdoor brand United By Blue to remove 75,000 pounds of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways.

The brands is hosting four cleanups throughout 2019 in Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, Houston, TX and Huntington Beach, CA.

United By Blue & Maker’s Mark Team Up To Clean Waterways

“Water is at the heart of everything we do at Maker’s Mark, because without it, there is no Maker’s Mark Bourbon,” says Rob Samuels, chief distillery officer for Maker’s Mark. “We’ve gone to great lengths to preserve our own naturally limestone-filtered water source here at the distillery, but we also realize that our responsibility to the planet extends beyond our own grounds.”

Cleanup Dates:
– April 27, 2019: Chicago, IL
– August 3, 2019: San Francisco, CA
– November 9, 2019: Houston, TX
– December 7, 2019: Huntington Beach, CA

To volunteer for one of the cleanups, visit unitedbyblue.com/cleanups.

MGP Ingredients Appoints New Master Distillers And Blenders

Whiskey aficionados know MGP Ingredients as the huge industrial distiller that makes some of the most famous sourced bourbon and rye whiskeys in the United States. Of course, managing such a large operation requires a large staff. So this week, the company added some new masters to its ranks.

To become a master distiller, one must first complete a rigorous certification process. This includes education, experience, specialized training and examinations by other master distillers, as well as a dissertation. This week Matthew Greeno, Josh Slawski and Mike Templin were named as master distillers for the company. Additionally, RJ Laws and Sam Schmeltzer were named master blenders.

Aerial View of MGP Ingredients Distillery

“Because of the size and scope of our business, we need a very deep and broad pool of talent to operate successfully. Our development of masters-level experts provides additional assurance of our ability to consistently deliver unique and high quality whiskeys, vodkas and gins,” said Gus Griffin, president and CEO of MGP Ingredients.

Bardstown Bourbon Releases Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1

Bardstown Bourbon Company is best known for working with partner brands to create completely custom whiskeys through its Collaborative Distilling Program.

While Collaborative Distilling is Bardstown’s core business, the brand has always intended to release its own products. This week, the brand announced the release of its first Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1.

Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1 / Photo Credit: Bardstown Bourbon Company

Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1 is a blend of its two-year-old wheat and high-rye bourbons with an 11-year-old sourced Kentucky bourbon.

“Our new approach to bourbon making and blending is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my career,” says Master Distiller Steve Nally. “With Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1, we’ve produced one of the finest bourbons on the market.”

Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1 has a 49.45% ABV and a SRP of $59.99 per 750ml bottle. It’s currently only available in Kentucky and Indiana. It arrives in California and Florida in May, then in Tennessee and Illinois over the summer.

Limited Releases

These limited releases will take no small amount of money to secure. Also, be ready to do some serious hunting. Good luck!

Benromach Cask Strength Vintage 2008

Announced as a new addition to Benromach’s Classic Range, Benromach Cask Strength Vintage 2008 Batch 1 is a limited release single malt whisky.

This batch release matured in first-fill sherry and bourbon casks and was laid down in 2008 and bottled in 2019. Only 5,500 bottles of this 10 year old whisky will be available, all at cask strength (57.9% ABV).

Benromach Cask Strength Vintage 2008

Meant to replace Benromach 100° Proof in the Classic Range, the whisky will debut worldwide on April 24th, 2019. It carries a suggested retail price of €69.95 (~$78).

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Coleburn 1981

Gordon & MacPhail this week announced the latest addition to the Private Collection range. Coleburn 1982 Private Collection (Gordon & MacPhail) matured in the company’s specially selected cask at its warehouse in Elgin for 38 years.

The Coleburn Distillery closed in 1985 amidst a slump in the global whisky industry. While in operation, its whisky was traditionally used for blending. Gordon & MacPhail specially selected a refill sherry hogshead to create this single malt.

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Coleburn 1981

Set to rest on March 11th, 1981, this single malt was finally bottled on March 14th, 2019 at 55.9% ABV. Only 101 bottles will be available for purchase worldwide. It carries a suggested retail price of £1,250 (~$1,630).

The Last Drop Distillers Launch Two Rare Casks of 1969 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The latest release from The Last Drop is the 1969 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This is the second release in a rare trilogy, following the 1968 Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It is also The Last Drop’s 15th release in 11 years and contains two single cask bottlings.

On October 27th, 1969, several barrels were filled at the Glenrothes Distillery. Two of those casks were ex-bourbon. While most of the casks filled that day have been used in younger bottlings over the years, these two casks have been left untouched for 50 years.

The Last Drop is the 1969 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The whisky was bottled in 2019 with the first cask (Cask No. 16203) yielding 130 bottles and the second (Cask No. 16207) yielding 141 bottles.

The Last Drop 1969 Glenrothes (Cask No. 16203) is 45.7% ABV.

The Last Drop 1969 Glenrothes (Cask No. 16207) is 46.8% ABV.

The suggested retail price of this release is $6,250. No big deal.

Hunting for Bardstown Bourbon Fusion Series #1?

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