Introducing a Fresh Look for Distiller Lists

December 22, 2020

As the Distiller community continues to grow, we’ve seen and heard your requests to do more with the existing Distiller Lists. So as our gift to you this holiday season, we’ve given Distiller Lists a complete makeover. This includes new features for all community members, as well as some exclusive features for our Distiller Pro members.


The next time you update your mobile Distiller app, you’ll notice that right off the bat the Distiller Lists don’t look the same. Your old Spirit Lists are still there, as well as the three lists that come standard when you first join the community. However, nearly everything else has changed.

Firstly, your lists are bigger and better than ever. Images make them easier to see and navigate. Next, the “Create a Spirit List” button has been moved to be easy to find and use. Give it a tap to begin. Give your list a name and description, then decide if you’d like it to be public or private. Public lists will be visible to anyone who visits your profile, and private lists are visible to only you. Keep in mind that all of these changes can also be made to existing lists and changed whenever you want with the “Manage” button. From there you can also delete your list if you so desire.

Next, it’s time to add a spirit. This new feature means you can search from inside any list for the spirits you’d like to add. You can also still add a spirit to your list from any spirit details page. Once added, you can click on the spirit to see more details or swipe to delete or add to another list.


The new Distiller Lists also come with a new way to search. Going beyond filters, you can now find spirits and lists with ease via the new search tools. We’re also giving you the ability to copy any public list, making sharing tasting notes a breeze.

From the new search bar, you can type in the list name, words in the list description or specific spirits to locate corresponding lists. You can even search within your lists for specific spirits (this comes in handy with the Distiller Pro features we’ll cover next).

Lists can be sorted and filtered by category like before, but the copy button is completely new. With copy, you can now duplicate any of your lists as well as any public lists into a new list of your own. This can be especially handy when hosting a tasting or if you want to copy a bottle stock list from your favorite bar.


We’re always working on new and exciting features to offer exclusively to our Distiller Pro members. For Distiller Lists, this includes the ability to do more with the spirits in your lists including updating the quantity and adding notes. We’re also giving you the ability to export all of your tastes straight from your Settings page.

If you want to keep tabs of how many bottles of a certain spirit you own — this especially comes in handy if you’re running a bar or starting a collection — it’s now made possible with the touch of a button. Within any list, click on the spirit you wish to update, then click on the tilted bottle icon at the bottom of the page to update the quantity. This number is unique to the list and completely private to you.

Like quantities, spirits notes are private as well. And because notes are separate from Tastes, you now have a place to write things like, “Tried this spirit with Bill at the bar,” and “Went on sale at Ben’s Wines in October.” Within any list, click on the spirit you wish to write a note on then click “+ ADD NOTE”. All of your previous notes will be visible in this area as well. Notes are unique to the lists they’re written on and are completely private to you.

The final Pro feature we’ve included is the ability to export all of your Tastes. Whether you want to see all your data in one place for future reference, or you’re compiling it into a short novel of your tasting experiences, simply head to the Settings on the Distiller mobile app or the Pro subscription management page on the Distiller website to download your Tastes in CSV format.


If you are already a Distiller Pro Member, thank you for supporting everything that we do here at Distiller. If not, please consider joining today! Distiller Pro members get access to exclusive perks like discounts, giveaways, pro-only features within Distiller and an ad-free experience.

If all of that sounds good to you, hop on over to the Distiller Pro page and sign up.

To get the new Distiller Lists update, make sure you have the most recent iOS or Android Distiller app.

With Distiller, you’ll always know what’s in the bottle before you spend a cent. Rate, Review, and Discover spirits. Head on over to Distiller, or download the app for iOS and Android today!

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