Spirited Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Whiskey to Vodka

May 10, 2018

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world in many countries on the second Sunday of May. It’s a day to honor our mothers and motherhood itself with gifts often featuring brunch, flowers and homemade cards. As lovely as those gifts are, perhaps you’re looking to give something a little different this year. To that end, we offer these spirit suggestions below as a small token of appreciation for the hardest job in the world.


There are so many reasons to suggest why this whisky would make a great Mother’s Day gift. First, The Muse launched on March 8, 2018 in celebration of International Women’s Day. Next, it was created with the assistance of Jill Boyd, the first female whisky maker in the company’s history who joined the team in January 2017. Finally, it’s a blended grain whisky—something you don’t see everyday—with an orchard fruit, butterscotch, and vanilla flavor profile. Gift-worthy, indeed!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Compass Box Hedonism the MuseCompass Box Hedonism the Muse / Photo Credit: Compass Box


Love Gin is made with traditional gin botanicals, along with more exotic botanicals, including: rose petal, hibiscus, elderberry, goji berry, raspberry leaf and rhubarb root. As a result, it has a slightly pink hue. Try serving this Scottish gin in a wine goblet with fresh fruit and tonic.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Eden Mill Love GinEden Mill Love Gin / Photo Credit: Eden Mill


An important thing to point out is that this cognac spends an extra year in Banyuls wine barrels, a French fortified wine. Consequently, you can expect a fruit-forward profile including apricots, peaches and plums. Definitely one to serve after dinner or with a cheese course.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Pierre Ferrand Reserve Double CaskPierre Ferrand Reserve Double Cask / Photo Credit: Pierre Ferrand


This unique tequila is a blend of unaged and extra-aged tequila, which rested in new American oak for five years. However, the color is removed prior to bottling via filtration. Soft on the palate, it shows flavors of citrus and pear with barrel spices coming through at the finish.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Casa Dragones Sipping TequilaCasa Dragones Sipping Tequila / Photo Credit: Casa Dragones


Avuá is produced by one of Brazil’s only female cachaça distillers, Katia Espírito Santo. Prata is both floral and vegetal with a crisp lemongrass finish. Of course a Caipirinha is a classic drink, but try substituting Prata for the gin in a Negroni or the vodka in a Moscow Mule.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Avuá Prata CachaçaAvuá Prata Cachaça / Photo Credit: Avuá Cachaça


Made at California’s Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda, this vodka is flavored with California rosé wine. Do two great tastes go great together? You bet! Serve as a spiritzer or with lemonade on the rocks.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Hangar 1 RoséHangar 1 Rosé / Photo Credit: Hangar 1

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