New Booze News: Single Malt from India, Rice Whisky from Japan and More!

July 20, 2017

Before our official reviews arrive, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of the new products hitting shelves soon. We’ve got a new single malt from India, a rice whisky from Japan, and a couple of Scotch whiskies to tell you about. Here’s the booze news for the week of July 17, 2017!


Paul John Bold

Eastern barley meets western peat in this Indian Single Malt from Southern Goa. The sun-baked coastal province provides a home for the malt distillery of Paul P. John’s eponymous company. The malt is Indian barley peated to 25 ppm with Islay peat, double-distilled in a set of Indian-made copper pot stills that were designed to emulate the traditional Scottish method. Primarily ex-bourbon, the barrels age in an underground climate controlled warehouse.

The hot tropical climate of Goa accelerates barrel breathing, and the angel’s share (loss of whisky due to evaporation) is about 10-12% per year (compared with 2-3% in Scotland). Similar to Kentucky, the ABV rises with time, so that the whisky—which was put in barrel at 55% ABV—emerges at 57% or higher. Hence, the oaking process is accelerated, as compared to other, cooler regions. Bottled at 46% ABV, this whisky is non-chill filtered and contains no added coloring. .

Available in select US markets beginning in July 2017. Suggested retail price $75.

Paul John Bold / Photo Credit: Paul John


Fukano Whisky 2017 Edition

Released in July 2017, there will be 4400 bottles available worldwide for this 2017 edition. This is a no age statement release with the whisky comprised of malted rice grown in Japan. This batch is made from whisky aged in used Fukano whisky barrels along with French red wine barrels. Bottled at 42.8% ABV its suggested retail price is $80.

Fukano Whisky 2017 Edition / Photo Credit: Fukano


Glencadam The ReAwakening 13 Year

This release from the Angus Dundee Distillers group is a limited edition bottling from the Glencadam distillery. This Highland distillery was mothballed (fell dormant) in 2000 and reopened three years later. This bottling is a result of the distillery’s “reawakening”. As is standard with their releases, this single malt is not chill-filtered and has no added coloring.

Brand development director, Duncan Baldwin says: “We are fortunate enough to be able to produce excellent malt at Glencadam and we are also blessed by being able to retain age statements on the vast majority of our releases. The Re-Awakening 13 year old edition is characterised by its rich flavours of ripe fruit accompanied by smooth vanilla sweetness resulting in a taste to meet the most discerning of whisky lovers preferences.”

Released in July 2017, 6000 individually numbered bottles were produced with 3000 bottles to be available in the US. Suggested retail price $65.

Glencadam The ReAwakening 13 Year / Photo Credit: Glencadam

Lost Distillery Dalaruan

The Dalaruan Distillery (est. 1825) was located in the Campbeltown region, once home to 34 distilleries. Today, there are three. Dalaruan closed for good in 1925. The Lost Distillery Company aims to recreate whiskies from distilleries long gone. Dalaruan was a triple-distilled single malt distillery and was a primary component of the Greenlees Bros. Lorne Blended Whisky.

“Once a well-known Campbeltown malt, Dalaruan has been lost for nearly 100 years,” said Scott Watson, Co-Founder of The Lost Distillery Company.

“We have conducted an in-depth research project to establish how this this long lost whisky might have tasted all those year ago then pay homage to its heritage by creating a modern expression. We are thrilled to be able to toast Dalaruan’s rich history in the Scotch whisky industry and hope everyone has the opportunity to taste this piece of treasured history today.”

Dalaruan Classic will initially be launched in the UK, the Netherlands, Hungary and France with plans to launch into 15 markets across the world in the next year.

Lost Distillery Dalaruan / Photo Credit: Lost Distillery

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