Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brands to Try Right Now

February 8, 2023

There was a time not so long ago where when you were looking for a non-alcoholic drink, your options were limited to sugary juices or sodas. But after Seedlip launched in 2015 as the “world’s first non-alcoholic spirit,” there’s been an explosion of zero proof spirits filling up liquor store shelves and bar menus. Furthermore, there are now non-alcoholic spirits options for all spirits types. Here’s a look at some of the most talked about brands in the category.

Whiskey Alternatives

Spiritless 74

Spirtless 74 emulates bourbon whiskey using oak and full-proof neutral-grain spirit. The brand uses a proprietary reverse distillation process which removes the alcohol. It’s vegan and keto friendly using all natural ingredients.
Suggested Serve: Spiritless 74 Whiskey Sour
SRP $37

non-alcoholic spirits: whiskey sour

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative uses all-natural botanicals in its production which are distilled individually and then blended. The flavor profile includes oak, vanilla and smoke.
Suggested Serve: Ritual Whiskey Old Fashioned
SRP $26.99

Gin Alternatives

MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin

This zero-proof gin is the flagship product for the brand and is designed to taste like a London Dry Gin. Ingredients used in its production include extracts such as monk fruit, natural juniper, natural coriander seed and natural cucumber, among others.
Suggested Serve: Monday Negroni
SRP $39.99

New London Light First Light

New London Light is a collection of non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs from Salcombe Distilling Co. in southwest England. For First Light, the team distills juniper, ginger and habanero. To that base, the team blends in 15 botanical distillates and extracts including orange, sage, cardamom, cascarilla bark and lemon grass.
Suggested Serve: First Light & Tonic
SRP $39.99

Tequila/Mezcal Alternatives

CUT ABOVE Zero Proof Mezcal

For the Zero Proof Mezcal, the brand uses all natural ingredients like cubeba pepper extract, chipotle pepper extract, Persian lime oil and a touch of smoke. It is gluten-free and has 5 calories per serving. Suggested Serve: Mezcal Margarita
SRP $35

non-alcoholic spirits: margarita

Optimist Botanicals Smokey

Optimist Botanicals is a non-alcoholic spirits company based in Los Angeles. For Smokey they employ a variety of ingredients like lapsang souchong, bitter red orange, clove, ginger, sage, bergamot orange, cinnamon leaf and habanero, among others.
Suggested Serve: Optimist Smokey & Tonic
SRP $35

Rum Alternatives


RumISH mimics the flavor of spiced rum by using ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla, nutmeg and baked apple. Additionally, chili peppers provide the heat that a standard alcoholic beverage provides.
Suggested Serve: RumISH Cuba Libre
SRP $35

Lyre’s White Cane Spirit

Based in Australia, Lyre’s offers up a range of non alcoholic spirits alternatives from absinthe to whiskey. This White Cane Spirit offering replicates the taste of gently-aged white rum.
Suggested Serve: Lyre’s Daiquiri
SRP $35.99

Amaro Alternatives

KIN Euphorics Dream Light

Dream Light is a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverage that is infused with adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals such as Reishi mushroom, melatonin and L-Tryptophan. It also includes the following extracts: American oak, gentian root, organic ginger, passion flower, licorice root, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon and chili pepper, among others.
Suggested Serve: Add to milk 1-2 hours before bedtime
SRP $39.99

APLÓS Calmé Non Alcoholic Spirit

In addition to hemp, APLÓS Calmé includes extracts of yuzu, calamansi, rosemary, basil, coriander, dandelion, gentian root, cucumber, mint and shiso.
Suggested Serve: Pour over ice
SRP $48

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