Great Rum For Tropical Cocktails

Tropical cocktails? Yes please. Now all we need is the right rum for the job...
Apr 18, 2016
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    Seven Tiki is a spiced Fijian rum distilled from molasses of Polynesian sugarcane and untouched water sourced beneath the volcanoes of Fiji. It's named so to honor the Polynesians, believed to be the first settlers of Fiji, who traveled fearlessly though the South Pacific. Their legendary voyage was guided by one of the seven tikis carved on each canoe, making their journey a safe one.
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    This rum bottling previously had no age statement, but was widely known to have been aged at least 10 years. This Bajan rum is distilled at the Foursquare Distillery and adds no sugar pre-bottling. The packaging must be noted as it is black glass and appears to be melting.
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    Skipper is a rum produced from molasses of Demerara sugar at the Diamond Distillery. This distillery boasts 9 different types of stills of which seven are used with this rum, two of which are wooden (their Port Mourant double wooden pot-still and their Enmore wooden Coffey still). The rum is aged for at least 3 years in ex-bourbon barrels. The label for the bottle has gone relatively unchanged since the brand was launched in the 1930s.
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    Distilled in the Dominican Republic, this rum is then aged in a solera system. Ron Matusalem was founded in Cuba, but the family that owned the brand fled in the 1950's due to the Castro regime. It has been made in the Domincan Republic ever since. Note: The Solera 7 is not currently available in the US.
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    This Mauritian rum has been around since the 1960's. This is a rum made from molasses and is column-distilled before aging between 3-5 years. It is charcoal-filtered to remove the color. The rum is available in the UK and other European markets.
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    Myers's Rum, named for founder Fred L. Myers, has been produced in Jamaica since 1879. This molasses-based dark rum is a blend of up to nine rums made in both continuous and pot stills. It's aged up to four years in ex-bourbon barrels.
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    St. Petersburg Distillery was founded by the iafrate (lower case "i" on purpose) with the intention of creating quality products to represent the finer things the Sunshine State has to offer. This is the "palm" half of the Oak and Palm line, a rum made with real coconuts brought down to a lower-proof for use in cocktails.
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    St. Petersburg Distillery was founded by brothers Steve iafrate and Dominic iafrate, Jr. (lowercase "i" not a typo) to celebrate their pride of the Sunshine State. This is the "Oak" half of the Oak and Palm line from the distillery, a rum made with spices from the Middle East and added caramel coloring.
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    Malibu Original coconut flavored rum was designed as an all-in-one cocktail, a low-proof liqueur rather than a full proof rum for safe consumption in warm-weather party settings. It was later embraced by a generation of bartenders who used it in Piña Coladas and other tropical cocktails. The flavor is derived from coconut extract.
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    SelvaRey (translated from Spanish "king of the jungle," hence the gorilla on the label) is created by former Havana Club master blender and ex-Cuban Minister of Rum Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. The rum is a selection of 5 year old rums from copper column-stills, aged in ex-bourbon casks with an infusion of locally sourced chocolate instead of cocoa-flavored syrup.