New Expert Spirit Reviews - June 14, 2023

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Jun 14, 2023
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    The Distillers Edition Collection from Diageo is an limited annual release of single malt Scotch whiskies. Each of the whiskies are double-matured in a cask seasoned with a different fortified wine selected to compliment the mature whisky. These finishing casks are made with heavily-charred new wood cask ends and recharred American oak casks which are then seasoned with the fortified wine for a month. Then the mature whisky is recasked into the seasoned casks for up to six months. For the Talisker Distillers Edition, the mature whisky is Talisker 10 Year and the fortified wine is amoroso sherry. Available in the US as of April 2023. (SRP $85)
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    This is the second batch released in 2023 for Elijah Craig's Barrel Proof Bourbon series which features its flagship bourbon recipe uncut and unfiltered. Importantly, this release departs from a consistent 12 Year age statement. Going forward in an effort to maintain the quality of the product, the age will vary for each batch. Furthermore, the age statement will feature on the front label rather than the side label like previous editions. Each batch will be selected by the master tasting team which includes Master Distiller Conor O'Driscoll. B523 is aged for 11 years and 5 months and is bottled at 124.2 proof (62.1% ABV). Available beginning May 2023. (SRP $69.99)
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    Spirited Seas is the brand's first ocean aged rum. In 2020, Goslings took a blend of aged dark Bermudan rum and placed it into 60 used bourbon barrels. They then placed the barrels onto the Oleander, a container ship which travels weekly across the Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to New Jersey. After 40 weeks and almost 60,000 miles it was bottled at 44% ABV. This is intended to be a permanent addition to the portfolio. Available beginning November 2022. (SRP $59.99)
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    This American-made bitter aperitivo was made in collaboration with chemist & absinthe distiller T.A. "Ted" Breaux and the Cocktail King himself, Dale DeGroff. Distilled by the team at Clear Creek Distillery in Oregon, this is made with a blend of botanicals including fruits, roots, flowers, and leaves, but no artificial ingredients or colors. Available early May 2023. (SRP $29.99 for 700ml)
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    Patrón Ahumado Reposado is a limited edition release created with both the tequila and mezcal drinker in mind. It begins with 100% Blue Weber agave, but here the ripe agave piñas are roasted with mesquite charcoal for seven days in underground stone pits. Then the cooked piñas are crushed using a tahona stone wheel. Ahumado translates to smoky, so expect to find that flavor profile in the tequila. Patrón recommends to drink this tequila neat, on the rocks, or in an Old Fashioned cocktail. Available beginning April 2023 for a limited time. (SRP $79.99)