New Spirit Releases - November 10, 2023 - Heaven's Door Bootleg Series Vol. 5, Old Overholt 10 Year Cask Strength, High West The Prisoner's Share and More!

Check out the latest releases hitting shelves soon. Photo Credit: Heaven's Door
Nov 10, 2023
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    The fifth volume in Heaven's Door The Bootleg Series, an annual collection of rare whiskeys and special blends, features an 18 year-old straight bourbon. It's finished in Spanish vermouth rouge barrels and bottled at 114 proof. Like previous releases, this Bootleg Series bottling is packaged in a handmade ceramic bottle featuring an oil painting by Bob Dylan. Here, "No Vacancies" (2019) is featured. Each bottle is encased in a bespoke leather journal. Available at select retailers nationwide beginning November 2023. (SRP $599)
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    Garryana is part of Westland's Outpost Range Collection, a limited edition series highlighting the provenance of the Pacific Northwest. This eighth edition continues to put a spotlight on Quercus garryana, a type of oak indigenous to the area. But other casks were used in its production including Washington State red wine (12%), first-fill ex-bourbon (5%), and Pedro Ximenez sherry butt (45%). There were six different types of barley used for this American single malt including Washington Select pale malt, pale chocolate malt, and golden promise among others. Only 7,380 bottles were produced and availability begins November 2023.(SRP $149.99)
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    Gem of Kentucky is a double-barreled single barrel Kentucky straight bourbon from 2XO ("Two Times Oak"), a brand created be renown American whiskey blender Dixon Dedman. The single barrels of bourbon selected were made with a high-rye mash bill (35%) and spent up to a year in secondary new oak barrels with either a #3 or #4 char. Each barrel will offer a unique flavor profile with the barrel number appearing on the front label. Available as a annual limited edition release beginning November 2023. (SRP $199.99)
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    Following its debut in November 2022, High West has re-released The Prisoner's Share — a limited edition release made collaboration with the The Prisoner Wine Company. Like the first release, this is made with blend of straight rye and bourbon whiskeys followed by a finishing in The Prisoner Red Blend wine barrels. A nationwide rollout begins November 2023 and bottles will also be available at the brand’s Utah distillery and Saloon locations. (SRP $174.99)
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    Originally released as a private label single barrel at various proofs, Lucky Thirteen is now a permanent product in Widow Jane's core lineup. Straight bourbon whiskeys aged 13 years in American oak barrels were hand-picked, blended and proofed with limestone-rich water from Rosendale Mines of NY. Bottled at 93 proof, the Fall 2023 batch was made available in late October 2023. (SRP $124.99)
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    First launched in spring 2020, Widow Jane Decadence 10 Year is made from a blend of straight bourbons. The bourbon blend is then finished in barrels which formerly held maple syrup from Crown Maple based in the Hudson Valley, New York. Each batch yields around 3300 bottles (550 cases) and will designate the batch and year on each label. Bottled at 91 proof, the Fall 2023 batch is available as of late October 2023. (SRP $99.99)
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    This extra-aged cask strength rye from Old Overholt was aged for 10 years in a single escalator-style warehouse. It was barreled in the winter and autumn seasons of 2012 in Clermont, Kentucky. Bottled without filtration at 121 proof, it's available nationwide in limited quantities beginning fall 2023. (SRP $99)
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    This bottling is the third release in the Bowmore X Aston Martin Masters' Selection, a collaboration between the Scotch whisky brand and luxury British carmaker Aston Martin. The single malt was double matured in selected European oak oloroso sherry-seasoned casks as well as American oak hogsheads. Following a global launch including UK, Germany, Canada, and China, the US rollout for this limited edition begins November 2023. (SRP $400)
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    Indri is one of three distilleries in Northern India under the Piccadily Distillers umbrella. This single malt, named for the ancient Celtic word for "oak" (Drú), is matured in ex-bourbon barrels in a warm climate that is described as "sub-tropical". It is bottled at a cask strength of 114.4 proof with availability in the US beginning November 2023. (SRP $80)
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    This limited edition expression was inspired by the original 1973 Añejo recipe crafted by Don Francisco Javier Sauza. Made with 100% blue Weber agave, this 50th Anniversary Añejo was oven-cooked and tahona-crushed. Then it was double-distilled in copper pot stills and aged for 14 months in American white oak barrels which were charred in-house before filling. The tequila is packaged in a green ceramic bottled which was inspired by the original 1973 decanter. Available in limited quantities nationwide beginning November 2023. (SRP $199.99)
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    This limited edition Contraluz Cristalino Mezcal expression from Casa Lumbre is made with 100% espadín agave. It is then rested in American oak bourbon barrels and Sakura casks for 11 months and 11 days. The name was inspired by the "11:11" timestamp. Pre-orders begin on November 11, 2023 via ReserveBar with just 270 bottles available for the US. (SRP $200)