Our Top Rated Rums From September

Out of all of the rums we reviewed in the month of September, these ten took home the best scores from our Tasting Table!
Oct 05, 2016
  • 10
    10 Tres Hombres 2015 (10th Edition)
    The Tres Hombres Fair Transport Rum Company spins a great story: The three owners (hombres) of a Dutch company outfitted a wooden sailing ship and sail around the globe, transporting cargo using solely wind power. One enterprise is purchasing rum casks from the Caribbean (mainly the Dominican Republic) and sending them on a several-month ocean voyage to Amsterdam for bottling. Does it get any more old school than that? The company releases an ever-growing set of small batch rums. This particular offering is from eighteen casks of solera-aged, 21 year Dominican Republic rum that spent four months on the good ship Tres Hombres. 250 bottles available; not available in the U.S.
  • 9
    9 Tres Hombres 2013 (5th Edition)
    The Dutch vessel known as Tres Hombres is a wooden sailing ship that traverses the globe, transporting cargo via wind and sails. One of its missions is to purchase rum casks from the Caribbean (frequently hailing from the Dominican Republic’s Oliver and Oliver) and take them on a several-month ocean voyage to Amsterdam for bottling. The Tres Hombres Rum Company periodically issues limited-release bottlings of whatever bounty the ship returns. This particular offering holds an age statement of 15 years, but that is solera based, rather than a minimum age.
  • 8
    8 Maggie’s Farm Spiced Rum
    Rich & Spicy
    This Pennsylvania distillery uses 100% turbinado, a raw sugar, rather than a processed molasses in an attempt to produce a softer product. Their Spiced Rum is infused with a blend of eight different spices, including fresh orange zest and vanilla beans. The Distillery's name refers to the Bob Dylan song of the same name.
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    7 Muddy River Spiced Carolina Rum
    Spicy & Sweet
    Belmont, North Carolina is home to Muddy River Distillery, founded by Robbie and Caroline Delaney. Their spiced rum, which took 2 years of recipe development to create, contains hints of vanilla and cinnamon, along with other secret ingredients. It's bottled at 40% ABV.
  • 6
    6 Royal Jamaican Gold
    The Royal Jamaican line of rums are crafted by National Rums of Jamaica at their Clarendon distillery, which also makes Captain Morgan for much of the world outside of the U.S. The Royal Jamaican label indicates that the rum is pot-stilled and aged in oak barrels, although no age statement is given.
  • 5
    5 Maggie's Farm White Rum
    This Pennsylvania distillery uses 100% turbinado, a raw sugar rather than a processed molasses in an attempt to produce a softer product. The Distillery's name refers to the raucous and rowdy Bob Dylan song of the same name. They produce several rum bottlings, this one is their standard-proof, unaged version.
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    4 Sun Rum Barrel Aged
    Seattle’s Sun Liquor joined the American craft distillery movement in 2011 and produces a number of products, including vodkas, gins, and two rums--a silver and this Barrel-Aged. Both rums start with fresh cane juice from the U.S. and the Caribbean. After a ten-day fermentation, they’re double-distilled in a small pot-still. The Barrel-Aged version then spends two years in a number of different barrel types, including bourbon and sherry.
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    3 Bones Virgin Islands Rum
    Sweet & Rich
    Bones Virgin Islands Rum is a tribute to pirate adventure on the high seas, blended from a selection of small batch rums aged a minimum of 4 years, sourced throughout the Virgin Islands. It's aged in a combination of cherry wood, French oak and American oak barrels and bottled in St. Thomas.
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    2 Panama Red Overproof Rum
    There’s no shortage of Cuban-style, Panamanian rums available from PILSA, but the Panamonte brand was among the first to arrive on the market. The Panama Red expression is the (slightly) overproof entry into their lineup. Although no age statement is given on the bottle, reports have it as a blend of rums up to five years, aged in ex-bourbon casks. Note: This is not currently available in the U.S.
  • 1
    1 Queen Charlotte's Reserve Carolina Rum
    Woody & Sweet
    Queen Charlotte's Reserve Carolina Rum is produced by Muddy River Distillery in Belmont, North Carolina. It's named after the nearby "muddy” Catawba River and was established in 2011 by Robbie Delaney. His wife Caroline has since joined the business and together they produce about 300 bottles a day using custom-built stills, named Liberty and Democracy, that Robbie designed himself. This rum ages for about a year in virgin American white oak barrels before being bottled at 42% ABV.