Maggie’s Farm Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum

Maggie's Farm Rum // Pennslyvania, USA

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This Pennsylvania distillery uses 100% turbinado, a raw sugar, rather than a processed molasses in an attempt to produce a softer product. Their Spiced Rum is infused with a blend of eight different spices, including fresh orange zest and vanilla beans. The Distillery's name refers to the Bob Dylan song of the same name.

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  • Spiced Rum
    Rum that is flavored with a variety of spices, natural or artificial. They can be aged, though there is no requirement to do so.
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Tasting Notes

"There's a citrus tang along with some heat on the nose of this rum. On the palate, there's vanilla and orange creamsicle intermingling with some fresh cinnamon. The finish is smooth and cooling with a satisfying note of fresh vanilla bean."

Score 82

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Spicy