Spiced Rums for Your Long Drinks

Spiced rums are great additions to long cocktails with ginger ale or cola. Here are some of our favorites to seek out to add a little zazz to your drink.
Aug 01, 2017
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    Spicy & Earthy
    Produced by Campari, Baron Samedi Spiced Rum is a blend of column and Jamaican Pot still rums. It is infused with spices commonly found in the Caribbean in addition to vetiver, a Haitian grass spice. This infuses its own special twist to what would otherwise be a common flavor profile.
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    Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum is a blended rum made from both column and pot distilled rums aged for 5 years in American oak with an additional 6 months after blending. To make the spiced rum, a blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, allspice, lemon, and orange are used. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, it also includes Bois Bande, an herb rumored to have, shall we say, aphrodisiac effects.
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    Sweet & Rich
    St. Petersburg Distillery sets out to create spirits that celebrate its home state of Florida with labels that reflect the vintage appeal of the Sunshine State. Old St. Pete uses small-batch, pot-still rum mixed with high quality spices. It's released at a slightly higher proof to hold its own in cocktails.
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    Sweet & Rich
    Bringing rum production back to its American source, Louisiana Spirits' Bayou Rum is made using state-grown and processed molasses and raw sugar. Their spiced variation starts out as the others, with a pot-still rum made according to their own "sugar house recipe" and triple-filtered spring water. The blend of spices is all sourced from within Louisiana .
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    Wicked Dolphin’s Florida Spiced Rum is spiced using honey, oranges, and undisclosed spices. Some of their aged rum is mixed with the spiced rum to create this bottling.