Top Peated Blended Malts Under $75

If you like your whiskies rich and malty with layers of peat smoke, this blended malt list is for you! Added bonus: They’re all under $75!
Aug 15, 2017
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    8 The Six Isles Blended Malt
    From the folks that bring us brands such as Smokehead, Isle of Skye, and Glengoyne comes this blended malt bottling. The Six Isles is a composite of single malt whiskies from the six isles of Scotland: Arran, Islay, Jura, Mull, Orkney, and Skye. It is all natural color and non chill filtered.
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    7 Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt
    Sweet & Rich
    Taketsuru Pure Malt, released in the summer of 2015 without an age statement, is set to replace the now extinct aged Taketsuru expressions. It is a blend of malts averaging 10 years of age, with a high percentage of Miyagikyo malt, with some Yoichi added in. The whiskies were aged in different cask types, including ex-sherry barrels.
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    6 Rock Oyster Blended Malt
    Full Bodied
    Douglas Laing & Co. is an independent bottler and blender of Scotch whiskies. They release single malts, blended malts, and blended whiskies. The Rock Oyster Blended Malt was released in early 2015 and it is blend of single malts from the Isles of Islay, Arran, Jura, and Orkney. There is no-age statement on the bottling which is released at 93.6 proof and without coloring or chill-filtration.
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    5 Duncan Taylor The Big Smoke 60%
    Smoky & Rich
    The Big Smoke is a blend of malts from the marine-influenced Islay region of Scotland, known for its smoky whisky made with peat-dried barley. This is a blend of young malts selected from a variety of Islay scotch distilleries, bottled at 120 proof.
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    4 Lost Distillery Lossit
    Fruity & Rich
    The Lost Distillery Company produces whiskies inspired by shuttered distilleries, incorporating five to ten single malts in a blend, and further basing their selection on ten production factors. Lossit was founded in 1817 and stayed operational for a half century, until 1867. It was for a time the largest producer of whisky on Islay.
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    3 Compass Box Peat Monster (Classic Brown Label)
    Rich & Peaty
    Compass Box Peat Monster is a blended malt whisky using various single malt whiskies from different areas of Scotland. A typical blend will include single malts aged in refill hogsheads as follows: 40% "malt whisky from Laphroaig", 20% "malt whisky from Ledaig", 13% "malt whisky from Caol Ila", and 26% "malt whisky from Ardmore." The final 1% is a blend of Highland malts from Clynelish, Dailuaine, and Teaninich which finished for two years in Compass Box's new French oak toasted hybrid barrels. Note: Beginning in 2019, all batches of Compass Box Peat Monster will feature a new Painting Label as well as a new recipe. Older batches will be referred to as Compass Box Peat Monster (Classic Brown Label).
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    2 Wemyss Malts Kiln Embers
    Peaty & Smoky
    Released in 2015, this blended malt whisky from Wemyss Malts is a follow up to its sister whisky Peat Chimney, but with double the number of Islay single malts whiskies added to the final product. It is non-chill filtered and is bottled at 46% ABV.
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    1 Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year
    Fruity & Rich
    The Green Label from Johnnie Walker is a blended malt, not a blended whisky; all whisky in the bottle is from single malt distilleries. In the blended malt are Talisker from Skye, Caol Ila from Islay, and Cragganmore & Linkwood both Speyside whiskies. This 15 year whisky (yes, it has an age statement) was sadly discontinued in 2012. Though in 2015, a limited number of bottles were re-released for purchase, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. (Update: As of April 2016, Johnnie Walker Green Label has been globally reintroduced due to popular demand.)