1. 1792 Small Batch Bourbon

    Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

    Tasted January 8, 2021
    2.5 out of 5 stars
    Xmas gift I have gone through the majority of this bottle. It has nice packaging and is pleasant enough but its just not in my wheelhouse. Poured neat, nose is plentiful youthful oak with some perfumed char and a floral vanilla. Its light and unconcentrated. Thin mouthfeel leads out palate of candy cigarettes, more of the floral perfume vibe then transitions to a heavy char. There is some vanilla in there as well but its masked. The oak settles in and finishes quite dry with kingsford leading the way alongside the sweetflower. Cinnamon comes in after multiple sips and is best part of finish. Its pretty easy drinking and non offensive but just too dry for my tastes and the flavors lack any depth. If you like this profile its a decent choice though I feel there are better options at price point.......77/100
    28.0 USD per Bottle
  2. Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey

    Spirit — Texas, USA

    Tasted January 2, 2021
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    I was gifted a sample of this a bottle around my area is $35ish. I live near where this is produced(San Antonio). I find it humorous what they are trying to charge for this whiskey. What we have here folks is a Texas version of Canadian whisky. It is actually better than the usual cheap rotgot CC but cmon $35 you gotta be kidding me. Dont waste your time as Im not bothering with notes and such either. Just move along nothing to see here.....71/100
    35.0 USD per Bottle
  3. BenRiach Curiositas 10 Year

    Peated Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

    Tasted December 28, 2020
    3.75 out of 5 stars
    Another delicious peated scotch yeah yeah broken record. This one is not Islay though and shares more traits with Balvenie peated than Ard or Lap. Nose and palate are rich sweet smoke. Not ocean campfire or bbq its more melting resin combined with Teaberry gum and raw bread dough. Touch of salted pretzel, rich malt and smooth non drying barrel woods round it out. Finish is long but not Islay long. You wont wake up with it if you know what I mean. Im not getting all this fruit others are but nonetheless Im delighted with this scotch. It has flavor power with refinement and succulent smoky goodness. However competition is tough at this price point with the likes of PC10 and Oogie lurking around plus the standard heavyweights for less $. Fear not this still shines and is well worth purchase in this configuration. It seems this keeps changing and what not so I dont know what is available to y'all.......89/100
    58.0 USD per Bottle
  4. Arran Lochranza Reserve

    Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

    Tasted December 17, 2020
    3.5 out of 5 stars
    Another solid Arran malt. This has many traits of the 10 year with rich fruity maltiness. Some salt and tangy wood notes add variety. Its a bit sharp though and finish is shorter. Still its very enjoyable with great mouthfeel and deep flavor. I would easily repurchase. Its funny Ive scored the 14,10 and this all close due to price adjustment. This is the lowest of them but also the most affordable if you want to see what Arran has to offer.......85/100
    36.0 USD per Bottle
  5. Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon 2020

    Bourbon — Texas, USA

    Tasted December 4, 2020
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Ive got the 2020 edition of Cowboy Bourbon. This is Garrisons top of the line product. Limited edition run each year this one totals 6768 bottles. Its 133.9 proof uncut unfiltered and comes in packaging fit for an egyptian pharaoh. I missed out on last years and vowed if I saw it again I would grab it. I mean the reviews hail it as a world beater. I found it at Total Wine for $220 but got lucky and bought it at my local Specs for $177. Yeah I know this is quite a lot for a 5 year old bourbon. You read that right its aged for 5 years.... but its in Texas so that translates to about 15 anywhere else. I'll paraphrase the master blender-(Its blended from about 100 honey barrels some of which are almost empty from evaporation in the Texas heat leaving pure gold). I poured it neat, added couple drops ,let it breathe really doesnt matter. Regardless how you drink it this is hands down by far the absolute best bourbon I have ever had. It is so amazing I will actually have to rescore every other bourbon. I just reviewed ECBF B520 and gave it 5 stars. I ran them side by side and Elijah is skinny and weak next to this well muscled specimen. Rested in glass its glorious with the darkest shade of mahogany ive seen. Nose is thick dense aroma of pecan and walnut, blackberry jam, fig newtons and toasted oak. There's brown sugar, oatmeal and scorched caramel as well. As you move your nose location the notes change. Proof is so unintrusive its unbelievable. The mouthfeel is 10w40 and reaches every nook and cranny. Palate is simultaneously explosive and refined. Its a sledgehammer in a velvet glove. Only thing I can compare it to is the flavor delivery of an 18-21 year old scotch. The proof is dangerously masked. Rich pecan pie with singed crust, butter toffee, toasted figs, dark caramels and sweet non drying wood tannins. Some pipe tobacco and mild char present in the background. Flavors are ultra deep and completely saturate the taste buds. Finish is continuation and does not relent. The dark sweetness and nutty maple progresses to satisfying oak and dusty bookshelf providing complete balance. This is an experience whiskey. Its expensive and hard to find but if you consider yourself a bourbon lover you must find a way to at least sample this. Is it worth the $ 177 I paid, absolutely and id pay double.........100/100 perfect score.....You get the condensed barrel notes and refinement from a much older bourbon without being over oaked combined with the vibrancy and power a younger whiskey can offer. There are 2 bad observations though. One the cork sucks.......yeah thats about the only negative with this masterpiece. Two, this is better than all other bourbons for me. Yes this is much more money but it changes my previous conceptions of greatness. Back to back with WT Masters Keep Revival which is at least closer in price but again wiped clean..not even close imo. This may be a case of it hits my preference perfectly but I would be quite shocked if experienced drinkers dont love this
    177.0 USD per Bottle
  6. Creag Isle Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

    Tasted December 1, 2020
    2.5 out of 5 stars
    Ok so Im at the total wine looking for some smoke. Want to try something I havent had before at a decent price. The guy that works there tells me Shieldaig Islay is Caol Ila....yeah sure.... I keep looking and see this puppy. Hey its got a 12 yr age statement, is like 35 bucks and sits with the other Islay malts. Talk myself into it and purchase. Crack it that night and wtf?? where is the smoke. Aha the bottle says island malt not Islay . Nose is tootsie roll, hay, some buried malt and just a hint of peat smoke. Bit of applewood and some salt as well. Palate is nougat sweetness with malty note and brine. Peat comes in but mainly vegetative though ashy smoke is present. Finish is oaky charred malt, salty generic sweetness (like a blend) and peat that goes mildly bitter. All this is rather fleeting without any real depth or power. Despite that I dont hate it, there is something enjoyable about the generic plainness of it like a vanilla ice cream. Not a repurchase though as there are many in this price range far better. Sorry for the long review on an average at best scotch......76/100....Tastes like a blend not a single malt and I cant stop thinking I could have the far superior Compass Box Glasgow around this price
    35.0 USD per Bottle
  7. Widow Jane Whiskey Distilled From a Rye Mash American Oak Aged

    Rye — USA

    Tasted November 29, 2020
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Not sure of the mashbill on this but tastes like another high rye MGP sourced variant. Familiar flavor notes with a slightly drier finish and heavy blast of mint. Nothing new to see here. I got this bottle from a friend, would not purchase as there are so many choices in the same camp many for less money. I prefer the barely rye 51 % profiles and am growing tired of these copycats............71/100
  8. Jim Beam Double Oak

    Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

    Tasted November 26, 2020
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Grabbed this a an affordable bourbon on the Texas gulf coast in Rockport. It really is quite similar to Beam Black . The main difference is the barrel oak cuts through every stage with authority. Its drier than the Black and as mentioned oak heavy. I prefer Beam Black(see my review if you like) but if the extra woodiness sounds like you give it a go. The value is there (I paid $24 in but this is less in most places) .....81/100.........The barrel notes hold up well as a mixer in coke
  9. Doorly's 12 Year Rum

    Aged Rum — Barbados

    Tasted November 24, 2020
    3.5 out of 5 stars
    This is for the purists. No sugar added high quality sipping rum. Nose is raw vanilla, cotton candy, nutmeg and baking spice rounded by barrel oak and some musky funk. Its fragrant and sweet but with a dark side. Kinda like the dressing room at a strip club. Thin mouthfeel brings palate of brown sugar, melted caramel, bit of oaky char, more holiday spice and a dry leather with cigar leaf vibe. Its not overly sweet like many rums and maintains its balance. Finish is the sugared wood notes going slightly tannic with fading caramel and dusty book cover. This is a fantastic rum for bourbon drinkers to try as it stays away from the sugar dosing many oppose......84/100.....Great value too at mid $20s. All that said I personally prefer the buttery sweet saturation you get from the El Dorado line(esp 15 yr) and others in that ilk. I dont have a problem with the added stuff so long as the end product delivers
    23.0 USD per Bottle
  10. Wild Turkey Master's Keep Revival

    Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

    Tasted November 17, 2020
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I have read magnificent reviews of this here and on many sites so was very eager to try. My bottle cost about $130 from Total wine. Great packaging and bottle presentation. Poured neat, nose brings that familiar Turkey dusty spice only now its wrapped in a velvety blanket of rich aged sherry. We're talking library top shelf dust bunny along with pile of old saddles, museum hallway, vintage newspapers and seasoned split wood pile alongside wine soaked linens. Palate is dense and full with heavy dark fruits , caramels, leather and spices. Barrel char and white pepper announce to balance sweetness and provide character. Finish is long drying barrel oak and leather with the sherried fruits, dusty spice and some burnt caramel riding shotgun. This is a special whiskey, that cannot be denied. For $130 it better be. I personally find the white pepper just a bit too much for super elite rating. I do appreciate the quality and deep succulent aged flavors enough for A level ranking but honestly would not repurchase at price point.......91/100.....$80-90 im in
    130.0 USD per Bottle
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