3 Howls Blood Orange Vodka

Flavored Vodka

3 Howls // Washington, USA

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3 Howls was founded by Will Maschmeier in 2013. A man known for always having something fermenting in his kitchen. He was later joined by fellow spirit enthusiasts Craig Phalen and Warren Strasen. Their Blood Orange vodka is made by a vapor infusion of locally-sourced dehydrated blood oranges along with a specialty blend of cloves and spices.

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Tasting Notes

"While the addition of spices might conjure the idea of a gin, this is still very much a fruit-flavored vodka. There’s a quick waft of cloves from the start but it is about the oranges thereafter. The natural aroma of orange flesh is a good preview of the palate. A sweet taste of oranges without going too far. Though it does begin to taste more like blood oranges at the fast approaching finish. Enjoy on ice or with club soda."

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Rich