Absolut Citron

Flavored Vodka

Absolut // Sweden

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Citron was first launched in 1988, the second flavored vodka in Absolut's portfolio. Taking Absolut's standard vodka made with winter wheat as its base, Citron uses only natural ingredients--lemon primarily although some lime is used. No sugar has been added. It is the quintessential vodka for your Cosmopolitan.

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    Distilled from any agricultural product. It will be labeled with the (pre)dominant flavor(s) listed and can be artificially or naturally flavored.
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Tasting Notes

"Bright citrus notes greet you on the nose, but the intensity isn't hitting you over the head. You can still pick up the wheat grain in the vodka. There's an almost orange blossom quality found on the aroma. The vodka has an average body and clean finish. Again, moderate levels of citrus peel. Slightly sweet from the grains and finishes with a gentle bite. Warming finish. The vodka is as advertised: citrus vodka. No fuss, no muss."

Score 87

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