Amaro Bràulio Riserva Special


Bràulio // Lombardia, Italy

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3 out of 5 stars
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Amaro Bràulio Riserva Special is a limited annual edition released by the brand. It differs slightly from the standard bottling as it is aged in slightly smaller barrels than its predecessor. Also this release is less filtered and bottled at a slightly higher proof. Each bottle is numbered and states the year of release.

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  • Amaro
    Amaro means “bitter” in Italian. No legal definition exists, and though it originated in Italy, amaro (plural: amari) can be made anywhere. Originally created to aid in digestion, it is a bittersweet liqueur made from the maceration or distillation (or combination) of herbs, spices, roots, flowers, or other botanicals. Often uses neutral spirit as the base, but other liquor or wine can be used. Can be aged. Sugar is added before bottling. ABV varies, but tends to be 20-40%.
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