Art in the Age Beet Root Vodka

Flavored Vodka

Art in the Age // New Hampshire, USA

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This is part of Tamworth’s Art in the Age line of limited bottles. This expression is a tribute to the yields of a New Hampshire autumn. This vodka is flavored with a blend of sweet beets, cranberries, apple pomace. Later tarragon, honey, and salt are added as well. Despite all these additions the vodka is still bottled at 40% ABV.

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    Distilled from any agricultural product. It will be labeled with the (pre)dominant flavor(s) listed and can be artificially or naturally flavored.
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Tasting Notes

"This is an unusual flavor infusion for vodka and it yields equally unusual results. An aroma of beets, malt syrup, and soy. The color and palate are quite concentrated. Tangy sweet beets and soy dominate your tongue. Despite this concentration the texture is lean and juicy. Break out the geeky tonic for this or spike your sarsaparilla."

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