Bainbridge Yama Whiskey

Single Grain

Bainbridge // Washington, USA


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Bainbridge Distillery has, according to them, introduced the first American whiskey aged in Japanese oak or "Mizunara" (Quercus crispula) - which is a distinct species of oak separate from American (Quercus alba) or European (Quercus robar). The whiskey is a single grain, comprised of organic unmalted barley from Washington's Skagit Valley, and fermented using a Scottish strain of yeast. The casks are sourced form the island of Hokkaido in Japan, where the oak is harvested, shaped, and seasoned. It takes its name from the village of Yama on Bainbridge Island, which was founded by Japanese immigrants in the 1880s. The proceeds from the sale of this whiskey will be donated to efforts to preserve the historic site, which is the last village established by first-generation Japanese-Americans undisturbed by development. Released in Spring 2016 and bottled at 45% ABV.

  • age
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Single Grain
    Distilled from a grain or mixture of grains, usually corn, wheat, or barley from one distillery, if Scotch or Irish must be aged for at least three years in barrels.
  • Cask Type
    Virgin Mizunara (Japanese oak)

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