Batch 206 Vodka

Unflavored Vodka

Batch 206 // Washington, USA

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Batch 206 opened 2012 in Seattle, Washington. They use strictly corn to make their vodka. After distillation, slight impurities are removed through a 206-hour charcoal-polishing regimen. The vodka is rectified down to 80 proof with water measured at 7 pH as to maintain purity of the spirit. Prior to bottling the vodka is subjected to yet another round of filtration.

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    Distilled from any agricultural product, most commonly grains or potatoes. Typically distilled to 95% ABV. Water is added to bring the spirit down to as low as 37.5% ABV in the EU and 40% ABV in the US. It is usually filtered, often with charcoal, prior to bottling. It is almost always clear and unaged.
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"A distillate that has a lot of industrial qualities to it. Aromas of hot mineral oil and rubber make up the nose. While the palate runs with the theme touting flavors of hard mineral water and more rubber. The texture is supple and works well with the heat of the alcohol. Pour this over ice or mix it into a cocktail."

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