BenRiach Dunder 18 Year

Peated Single Malt

BenRiach // Speyside, Scotland

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One of the few remaining distilleries to maintain its own malting floor, BenRiach has become known for the marriage of its experimental aging techniques in non-traditional wood with its ability to vary levels of peating to its exact standards. While it sounds simple to distill peated barley one day and unpeated the next, the stills must be cooled and cleaned thoroughly to prevent flavors from one batch bleeding into another. Few distilleries are willing to cease production during the distilling season to perform this switch. BenRiach Dunder 18 Year comes from one of the distillery's heavily peated runs. Primary maturation takes place in American oak, and the spirit is finished in dark rum barrels. Only 1,888 bottles were filled. "Dunder" is what Jamaican distillers call the residue left by the distillation process, which is often used to start the fermentation process for future batches. Bottled at 46% ABV.

  • age
    18 Year
  • abv
  • Peated Single Malt
    100% malted barley from a single distillery. Dried with peat.
  • Cask Type
    American Oak, Finished in Dark Rum Barrels

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